Welcome to Vieques


Now that you have decided to visit Vieques Puerto Rico, we want to be the first ones to say Yay! and Congratulations! Or maybe you have already arrived in paradise, double yay!

Vieques is a beautiful island full of adventure, majestic landscapes, amazing beaches, hiking trails,  wonderful historic sights to visit,  and so many places to find the personal space and peace that are part of making your vacation what you dream it to be.

Vieques is also known as Isla Nena, which means, “Little Girl Island.” This alludes to Vieques being the little sister of mainland Puerto Rico. Vieques is off the coast of Puerto Rico, it is located about 8 miles from mainland Puerto Rico. It is approximately 20miles long and 4.5 miles wide. But don’t let her size fool you! Vieques is a treasure and here are just a few of the many amazing things to do during your stay!

The Best Way to See the Island

In our humble opinion, the best way to see Vieques is in a Jeep. We have some bumpy & dirt roads on this island and it’s always best (and more fun) in a Jeep. We do have taxis & publicos here but it’s not always easy to get one. If you like your freedom and ability to explore as much as possible, we recommend renting a Jeep or a similar 4 wheel drive vehicle, we just happen to like Jeeps cause they are fun ;-).

You probably don’t want to rent a new Jeep either. A good portion of these trees have spikes on them. On a lot of the roads, you will hear the trees scratching the side of your car (think nails on a chalkboard, eek). The noise is not the greatest, but worse is when you return that brand new Jeep with scratches on the side and the rental car company charges you for that.

We recommend two local companies that carry both Jeeps & Minivans
(just in case you have more than 5 people)

Coqui Car Rental

Island Jeep Rental

Offerings at the Blue Horizon

Thursday night is Ladies Night!
Of course, if you brought a special someone they can come to the festivities with you. The Ladies receive a complimentary Spike Pink Lemonade. DJ Paul is in the house to bring us some dance music and liven up the environment.  Every Thursday from 6 PM- 10 PM.

When you arrive check any special offerings, such as special dinner menus, yoga classes,  and much more!

Beach Hopping!

Ready to explore the beaches? Here’s a quick guide to some of our favorites and most enchanting.

Let’s start with the South Side of the Island!

Coconut Beach

Coconut beach is a wild beach just west of Esperanza. The Blue Horizon has easy access to this beach, where you can stroll and explore! If you are looking for something intimate and on the wilder side this beach is for you. Often, there is nothing but you, the waters and coconut trees as far as you can see.  

At the west end there is a small cliff and large boulders that have fallen into the water. It makes for beautiful views as the waves break on the rocks. As you go toward the east, there is a line of coconut trees along the beach, in varied conditions based on what Mother Nature has done to them in the past. It’s a wonderful vision of the tropics

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach or locally known as La Playa Negra. The nature trail leading to this beach is a great shaded hike taking about 15 minutes to arrive at the beach. On your hike keep your eyes open to see lots of hermit crabs, small lizards, and possibly a few horses.

You will want to bring a magnet because the black sand is magnetic and magical! This beach is the only one with black sand. Swim in the waters and feel the magnetism of this beach. You may want to bring drinks and snacks, there are no stores nearby.

Sun Bay

Sun Bay is a dream, the waters are sparkly for great swimming and sunbathing. This beach also offers spaces with picnic tables and outdoor showers. Swimming is easy to get to and plenty of places have coconut trees to hang a hammock or just spend the day. Bring a cooler, sunscreen, hat, and glasses! You may not want to leave.  

From here you can also reach several other beaches, including Navio, which has a small cave to explore and take pictures, or Media Luna Beach for shallow waters, perfect for small children. 

National Wildlife Refuge

Playa Caracas, previously known as “Red Beach”  is a local favorite for its family-friendly facilities. Playa Caracas offers easy access to beautiful turquoise waters and sand of soft,  light white coral. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and breathtaking nature. Admittedly one of the best beaches on the island!

Playa La Chiva, previously known as “Blue Beach.” To reach these numbered beach areas is a short hike to the crystal clear waters with private gazebos, Don’t forget your snorkeling gear! If you are looking for some more intimacy and solitude, La Chiva may be your perfect destination.

Beaches on the North Side of the Island!

Sea Glass Beach

Sea Glass Beach is located in Isabela on the north side. This beach is perfect for crafters and collectors. A great place to find a natural souvenir. The beach’s sand has plenty of sea glass, shells, and crystals to collect. You can also see the rusted old ship that sunk! Parking is limited but it is easy to access from downtown Isabel II.

Bastimento Beach

Bastimento Beach is located on the north side of the Island. This is a sweet, little hidden beach. The water is shallow and easy to manage, so it is a great place for kids as well as beginning swimmers. This beach has a very shallow protected area right at the edge of the sand which is shielded by a line of reefs and rocks. There is good snorkeling as well, depending on wind and waves

It has a nice long strip of sand for walking, beachcombing, etc. Watch your step! Foot protection is recommended though because most of the “sea glass” here, and there is plenty, hasn’t been tumbled smooth. 

Bring a picnic. There are plenty of shaded areas under the coconut trees!

El Galito Beach

El Gallito is also known as “the little rooster” beach. This Northside beach is between two rocky points and you are directly in the Atlantic Ocean here!  It is a quaint beach with a spectacular view, especially if you can make it at Sunset! You may just find sea glass here!

Locals and tourists alike use this beach for fishing, surfing, or swimming. On a calm day with light winds try snorkeling or paddleboarding. Snorkeling is on the point to the right (east side of the beach) where you can see a reef and possibly a sea turtle making their way through.

And here is a map to help you visualize all these beautiful beaches!

Last but not least! YOU MUST kayak at the Bioluminescent Bay!
#1 in the world

Our bio-bay is the brightest in the world!

The waters glow with life and taking a night adventure is one of the dream vacations. You will want to book a tour with one of the companies. Most of them have clear bottom kayaks to see the glowing waters and wildlife.

You’ll have a better experience if there is no moon. So check out your dates and choose one closest to the new moon. Dress comfortably and wear water shoes. This is a 2-hour excursion so be ready for a one-of-a-kind night!

There are more beaches but we wanted to share with you some of our favorites. In the next blog of the series, we will share with you more information about excursions and the historic sights to see.

Safe travels and we will see you on the Island!