Food in Vieques

Let’s talk about food!

We know you want to eat well when you are here right? Food is an important part of the travel experience and we want to help you have the best experience possible here in Vieques.

In Vieques, you are immersed in a Puerto Rican culture rich with amazing foods such as things like mofongo, tostones, pasteles, arroz con gandules, tembleque, and coquito. If your taste buds are asking what these foods are, then you are in for a treat! Food is a great way to connect with the culture and people of Vieques.

Whatever your taste buds are there are sensational restaurants for sit-down events, relaxed restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat and enjoy the view, or locally-owned food trucks that are affordable and easy to find!

“Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience” – Guy Fieri

Explore the local cuisine

As a Visitor to Vieques exploring the local cuisine choices can connect you with not only the fulfillment of a great meal but a connection to the local vibe and local culture. Food tells a lot about where you are what kind of experience each place is attempting to provide. 

Restaurants, cafes and bars are meeting points for all members of a community and places where everyone is welcome. And by entering one of these places, we too are participating in an important cultural tradition.

While you are here at the Blue Horizon we are unique in that we have a 5 star restaurant on property! You don’t have to look for great food. Just wake up and stroll down the lane to the restaurant for brunch, lunch and dinner!

One really amazing thing about Vieques is there are no chain restaurants. You won’t find a fast food location. Here’s another local hint, take your time and enjoy. You are on island time and good food takes time to prepare!

Below are some of our local favorites, but first let me introduce you to our spectacular restaurant

Carambola Restaurant

If you have ever enjoyed the rich variety of Caribbean flavors you will surely find yourself in culinary heaven. Exquisite dining in tropical tranquility in front of the ocean.

The Executive Chef Jorge Mercado delights himself in providing you with a colorful and flavorful palate of exquisite dishes infused with that wonderful tropical flair that will challenge you to stay away from the kitchen. We have an amazing brunch, Americano-style lunch, and one of kind Dinner experience!

Carambola, also known as Star Fruit, was created to provide exceptional cuisine to both guests and patrons alike while getting to take in the spectacular Blue Horizon view of the Caribbean Sea. 

We are open daily and you can reserve online or call 787-741-3318.

Restaurant Open Hours:


7am-12pm: Monday-Friday
7am-2pm: Saturday and Sunday


12pm-3pm: Monday-Friday


5pm-10pm Everyday!

Local favorites


Bar and Americano inspired cuisine
Opens for lunch and dinner
Wednesday – Monday (11 AM – 9 PM)


Bar and Americano inspired cuisine
Monday – Friday (10 AM – 11 PM)

Casa Nativo

Puerto Rican cuisine
Open for lunch and dinner
Tuesday – Saturday (11 AM – 10 PM)

Buga’s Mexican Restaurant

(The name says it all)
Open for lunch and dinner
Thursday – Sunday (11:30 AM – 10 PM)

Restaurante Bili

Caribbean cuisine
Open for lunch and dinner

Coquí Fire

Fine dining
Opens for dinner
Monday – Friday (5 PM – 9 PM)

Biekes Bistro

Puerto Rican cuisine
Open Monday – Saturday
(11AM – 10PM)

El Block

Puerto Rican cuisine
Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner

El Local

Puerto Rican cuisine
Open for dinner
Monday – Sunday (5 AM – 11 PM)

El Quenepo

Island Dining
Open for dinner
Tuesday – Saturday
(5:30 PM – 9:30 PM)

Gonzo’s Garden

Eclectic Caribbean inspired foods
Brunch on Saturday and Sunday
(10:30 AM – 2 PM)
inner Wednesday – Saturday
(5 PM – 10 PM)

Lazy Jacks

Bar and Americano inspired cuisine
Opens for lunch and dinner
Sunday – Thursday (11 AM – 11 PM)
Friday – Saturday (12 PM – 11 PM)

Rincon del Cafe

Brunch and coffee shop
Open for breakfast and desserts
Monday – Tuesday (6 AM – 11 AM)
Wednesday – Friday(6 AM – 5 PM)
Saturday (7 AM – 5 PM)
Sunday (7 AM – 12 PM)

Rising Roost

Specializing in Brunch
Open for breakfast
Wednesday – Sunday (8 AM – 1 PM)

Tin Box

BBQ & Sushi
Opens for dinner
Thursday – Saturday  (5 PM – 8PM)
Sunday (5 PM – 9 PM)

Trade Winds

Caribbean inspired cuisine
Brunch Sundays (9AM – 2 PM)
Dinner Wednesday – Saturday
(5 PM – 9:30 PM)

Delivery – pick up – food truck

Dexter’s BBQ

Food truck & BBQ
Various hours and locations on the island

Manny’s Sushi

Food truck – Sushi
Open Thursday – Sunday for pick up

Mama Mia

Pizza, Italian cuisine – Delivery
Open for lunch and dinner
Tuesday – Sunday (11 AM – 10 PM)

Panaderia La Viequense

Local Bakery
Great Pan de agua and Sobao
Pick up homemade bread and Sobao

Rincon del Sabor

Delivery / Food truck
Open for lunch and dinner
Monday – Friday (11 AM – 7 PM)
Saturday – Sunday (11 AM – 9 AM)

Shauna's Restaurant

Caribbean cuisine – Delivery
Opens for lunch
Monday – Friday (10 AM – 2 PM)