Reaching your destination of Vieques

Make sure you plan to arrive on the ISLAND Of Vieques. We often talk with guests who may not realize Vieques is an Island that is located just a short 6 miles off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico. Vieques is known as the Star of the Caribbean and we want to be sure you reach your final destination. Remember when traveling from the U.S. you will not need a passport, making your travel even easier!

The island of Vieques is unique. You won’t find cookie-cutter resort communities here and there are no tourist traps where you have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a great vacation. We have no traffic lights and no Uber! If you plan ahead and follow these simple steps your trip will be even better!

Here are the last 3 steps to complete your arrival to the Blue Horizon! You got this and we are here to help you along the way!

Step 1: ferry vs flying


Go to to purchase tickets or you can buy tickets in Ceiba when you arrive. We recommend getting your tickets in advance for sure!

Although it may sound fun to ride a boat to the island. The ferry tickets are often hard to come by on short notice as they sell limited amounts for tourists. When you arrive without a prepaid ticket you stand the risk of being moved to different times. After a long day of traveling, you may want to consider these factors in your decision to take the Ferry vs. flying!

Driving from San Juan Airport to Fajardo takes about an hour, and cabs cost roughly $100. Ferry tickets cost $2 per person. Ferries typically take about an hour and a half to reach Vieques, but the duration can vary based on weather conditions. Ferries often depart later than scheduled. 

Now on your way home, if you are not in a rush taking the ferry can be a nice slow return to the main island again. 

There are 2 major airlines that fly into Vieques. Remember these are small island hopper-type planes. There is limited space and weight. Travel light and travel easy!

From San Juan International Airport (SJU) to Vieques Airport (VQS) – with CapeAir

It takes about 30 minutes to fly from SJU to Vieques, Puerto Rico

We recommend you check your incoming flights to SJU to make sure you can catch the flight to Vieques. Don’t get stuck in San Juan because of bad timing!

From Isla Grande Airport (SIG) to Vieques Airport (VQS) – with Vieques Air Link

Flights from Isla Grande, Puerto Rico to Vieques take approximately 17 minutes. The Isla Grande airport is about a 10-minute car ride from San Juan International airport (SJU).


Puerto Rico Ferry

With Puerto Rico Ferry you can buy tickets to travel from Ceiba to Vieques and back but you can also go from Vieques to Culebra.

Click here to see the schedule of the ferry on the Ceiba – Vieques route.

You can also download their app to easily manage your bookings 

Contact details:

Cape Air

This airline flies from San Juan Airport (SJU) depending on your connecting flight to San Juan you may have to pick up your bags and re-check into CapeAir. CapeAir has a terminal at SJU.

Contact details:
Phone number: 800-227-3247

Vieques Air Link

This airline is a small airport close to San Juan Airport (SJU). You will need to pick up your bags and grab an Uber to the terminal.

Contact details:
Phone number:
787-741-8331 or 888-901-9247

Step 2: Transportation to the Blue Horizon Resort

Rent your vehicle

Ok GREAT! Now you can imagine stepping off the plane and ferry and knowing you are less than 20minutes from the Blue Horizon. If you have not secured transportation with a local company for your stay on the island you will want to think about a taxi to us. 

Included in your Blue Horizon welcome email we offered numbers for our car rental affiliate companies. Here is a reminder. 

If you are staying for several days we highly recommend you also rent transportation. Car, jeep, golf cart or scooter. Beach hopping is well known here and without Uber you will want to be able to move freely and at your own pace.

Here are a few companies we recommend, but there are more!


Shared Publicos

Shared Publicos are inexpensive but they won’t necessarily take you all the way to the beaches and your destination points. If you arrive on the ferry there are Publico vans there when you arrive. Hustle up they don’t hang out long!

Here are a couple of numbers of ones we work with:

Tito & Wanda: 787-219-3899 & 787-436-6147
Jorge Segura: 939-272-1968


Remember there is no Uber on this Island. Taxis run mainly during daytime hours but can be scheduled for special times and locations. Once you make good contact with a taxi driver please keep their number and TIP them well. 

Here are a couple of numbers to help you out:

Vieques Taxi: 787-741-8294
Angel: 787-243-2564 & 787-981-8023
A to B Taxi: 787-981-8033
Coquí Taxi: 787-374-6820 (daytime only)

Step 3: Be welcomed at our beautiful resort

We are here during this entire process. Our front desk and concierge service is there to help you with these details and many more. Look for our blogs on excursions, beaches, historic sights to see and nightlife/dining here on Vieques.

Call us anytime! 787-741-3318

Safe TRAVELS and Happiest of Adventures

Blue Horizon Resort